The Complete Cornucopia

This is the first puzzle modification/design by Scott - but really a straightforward modification of the Cornucopia puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin.  Years ago Stewart made 2-sided trays for the Cornucopia puzzles (single different fixed board arrangement each side), and 10 of the 17 possible pieces came with the puzzle.  However, there are 10 possible board arrangements.  The Complete Cornucopia is a version that makes all 10 board arrangements possible with a single tray, and all 17 possible pieces are included.  Each piece is made from a different type of colorful exotic wood.

The copy below features a Gabon Ebony tray (lid) and box used to contain the 7 extra pieces. 

Stella's Good Cents:

This is another of my designs, and another modification of one of the puzzles previously designed by Stewart Coffin.  The idea for this puzzle was stuck in my mind for a long time, but was never made due to the simplicity of the idea.  However, all who have seen the puzzle have found it to be a pleasing design with an unexpected solution.  What made the design finally go though was the combination of laminated wood pieces with the design - the laminations being another idea in my mind for a long time...

Special copy (above)

More to come?