Spring 2011:  I have returned to puzzle making in earnest this year.  Below are some photos of the puzzles I have made so far in 2011:


  I had a few requests to make some Rosebud puzzles this year, which is a design I have always been intrigued by, and have always found a great challenge to assemble.  Last year I managed to figure out how to make a Rosebud Assembly jig, which has helped tremendously!

Rosebud - Wenge & Flamewood

Rosebud - Wenge & Flamewood (open)

Rosebud - English Walnut & Peroba Rosa

Rosebud - English Walnut & Peroba Rosa (open)

Rosebud - English Walnut & Peroba Rosa w/ African Blackwood Assy Jig

Twelve Point

This puzzle has been on my list to make for a VERY long time.  I have admired the look of this design since the beginning, and I enjoyed making these this year.

Twelve Point - Jatoba & Ziricote

Twelve Point - Kingwood & Pink Ivory

Twelve Point - Peroba Rosa & Granadillo

Twelve Point - English Walnut & African Blackwood

Super Nova

This is a design I have made before, but due to the similarity to the Twelve Point, I decided to  make some more!  I especially enjoyed exploring the 3-color and 4-color versions, and had a chance to use some nice Spalted Maple which has been sitting in my garage for far too long.

Super Nova - Bocote & African Blackwood

Super Nova - Maple & Argentine Lignum Vitae

Super Nova - Bocote, Honduras Rosewood, Ziricote, Spalted Maple

Super Nova - Jatoba, Ziricote, Spalted Maple