The following are puzzles designed by Stewart T. Coffin, and made by Scott Peterson.  A number of different artists make Stewart's puzzle designs, so the gallery below does not imply exclusive rights to make the puzzles.  However, all puzzles were made with the permission of Stewart.


The Peanut puzzle was designed by Stewart in 1973 originally, and resurrected in 1986 - numbered 67 in Stewart's serial numbering of puzzles.  The puzzle is a dissection of the rhombic dodecahedron (RD) into 6 octahedron blocks.  3 of the octahedron blocks are joined to make 1/2 of an RD.  These 1/2 RDs are then joined in different ways to make a standard set of 6 pieces shown below. 

This puzzle is but one example of the many wonderful designs by Stewart that can be assembled to form many different polyhedral shapes.  The puzzles that can be assembled into many different shapes are my personal favorites!

Peanut - made of Kingwood

Peanut - Standard 6-piece set, made of Kingwood

One request for a copy of the Peanut was to include 2 extra 1/2 RD end blocks in addition to the standard 6-piece Peanut set.  The extra end blocks make possible MANY more assembled shapes!

Peanut - standard 6-piece set + 2 extra 1/2 RD end blocks - hexagonal ring assembly
Kingwood, Bocote, Ziricote, Tulipwood, Honduras Rosewood, Wenge, Chak te Viga

Peanut - tetrahedral pyramid solution & extra pieces